American Cinema Films is
Your Cannes Film Market
Sales Representative

Congratulations on completing your project. As an independent filmmaker, you have accomplished something that billions of people around the world only dream about.

You have created a film.

Now for the hard part.

You must create a movie.

A film is a story captured on media. A movie is a film that someone has paid money to see.

So you need to sell your film and the Cannes Film Market can be a part of your marketing plan.

Every year over 9,400 films are produced, but only around 750 are distributed to theatres. That’s roughly a 1 out of 12 chance to hit the big time.

To enable you to overcome those odds, you need leverage. You need exposure. You need to bring in the “big guns”. You need Cannes Film Market.

You know about film festivals. There are 3,000 active film festivals in the world. Cannes Film Festival is the most famous.

But buyers don’t attend 99% of film festivals.

You need a Film Market.

Cannes Marche du Film is the biggest Film Market in the world. And your film could be there.

When you decided your film needed to be at Cannes and you started shopping for a sales representative, you discovered that everyone wanted to own a big piece of your film. And they wanted to own it forever.

That’s just wrong. A 25% to 35% commission for a sale is too high. Especially since the sales representative never risked what you and your investors risked during the production.

When you allow American Cinema Films to represent you at Cannes Film Market you can be sure that your film is made available to all the buyers at Cannes and that it is not hidden away in some back area.

Here is what you get with our Cannes Marketing Package:


Flat rate of $5900 plus a 5% nominal commission.

Any sales that happen after 60 Days – Zero Commission.

Your film is one of only 4 – 6 films at the booth. Many of the other booths have dozens, if not hundreds of films.

Your film is actively promoted inside and outside the sales booth.

You have control over who obtains your screeners.

You have more control over the types of films you are associated with. There are many films that you do NOT want to be associated with..

Your in-the-booth display includes large posters and press kit still photos that you provide.

In-the-booth screening on a 53″ HD Television on comfortable arm chairs for prospective buyers. Your film will be shown on request to prospective buyers according to their requirements.

Sales sheet and screener give-aways that you provide.

Customer contact details for everyone receiving a screener DVD.

The Sales Rep actually watched your film and can answer questions about you and your production company.

The sales booth is always manned.

Video stream of the sales booth so that you, the film owner, can observe the people around your booth.

Over-sized sales booth. Not a booth share or table share.

Your trailer is played alternately, with only 3-5 other trailers, on a screen in the front of the booth.

Get the exposure your film deserves.

Customized experience – if you want to provide extra sales sheets, t-shirts, promo items, food or drink, arrangements can be made. Additional costs and booking deadlines are involved. Please inquire.

Cannes screenings – If you wish to arrange screenings for your film at the Cannes Theatres, arrangements can be made. Additional costs and booking deadlines are involved. Please inquire.

High Value Advertising – Signposting, Cannes Marketing Bag, Daily Screening Program, Cannes Market News, The Funds Book, The Pocket Guide, The Producers Guide, Media Packages are available. Additional costs and booking deadlines are involved. Please inquire.

Previously at Cannes Film Market, we noticed one particular booth with comfortable in booth screening and no one else offered this. That booth always had buyers taking advantage of the opportunity for a private screening and to rest their tired bodies. So we decided to offer this at Cannes Marché du Film .See pictures of proposed layout.

Your Film Needs This Logo

We always recommend that if your budget allows it, please consider at least one small screening at Marché du Film. A small 40 seat theater screening is around $500. The extra bonus advertisements that come with the screening can add to your films exposure. Films screened at the Marché du Film are automatically showcased in:

  • The Guide.
  • The Pocket Guide with the detailed schedule.
  • The Daily Screening Programs.
  • Cannes Market News.
  • Cinando and mobile apps.
  • International dailies in Cannes such as Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Screen International, Le Film Français, etc.

Marché du Film Screening reservations start being accepted in February. The early bird rate will last until the end of February, so please advise asap. These fill up fast and usually all slots are sold prior to the start of the show.